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The Basel Journal

The Basel Journal had a nice write up about our charity fund raisers.

The Basel Journal

Supporting charitable organisations with baked goodies: the International Women’s Institute Basel is collecting for good causes, and has already been quite successful.

By Isabelle Wanner

If anybody mentions the words “cake” or “cookies”, only very few will think of charity organisations. What rather springs to mind are sugar, butter and chocolate that, mixed together, will deliciously melt on your tongue. However, not only can baked goodies create moments of sheer bliss, they can also bring in money. This was what the International Women’s Institute Basel (IWIB) had in mind when organising baking competitions. Last year there were three of them; in the end they brought in around 1,800 Swiss Francs, according the head of the  Institute, Helen Gilroy. With the revenue they support local organisations, such as “Frauenhaus” (women’s shelter), “Soup & Chill”, and the “Surprise Street Choir.”
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