Activities, News about IWI Basel

January 2017 – off to a flying start

It is sometimes hard to believe that this is our third year and January saw the IWI Basel very busy with a new Chair and Committee taking over and welcoming back old friends and registering new members. We had two Welcome Events in January and membership stands at 37 at the moment and we are only in the first week of February (Membership runs from the beginning of February for 12 months).


The new Committee has been busy planning events for the coming year and January has already seen our first lunch and cinema visit. We will be organising further cinema visits in the evenings as well so that those working or with children to care for can also participate.

Of course, we wouldn’t be the IWI if we did not have preserves on our mind and when the Seville oranges appeared in the shops we couldn’t let them pass with making some Marmelade. Look out for our Marmelade at the next Basel Bake-Off!

January also saw our first Theatre event and this was quite a special event as not only did the IWI attend a private session with the producer of Vagina Monologues but members participated in the production and supported the production on the door.

February brings more activities – swimming, spa day, walking, visits to Brockis, first craft sessions and a cheese making demonstration as well as Member’s Meetings and Bake-Off planning!